20 Years Later

The Internet is a great resource, one that I have learned a wealth of knowledge from. I have spent a portion of my life helping others with mainly Mac problems online, it never really went beyond that. Life was busy and still is.

I think it’s time to start giving back. As I resurrect my old Tech Support site, No Wonder, for this purpose, I think of it, not as a resource for any certain audience, but great for old and young, techs and non-techs alike. With a broad spectrum of interests over the years and sandboxes I have dug my hands into, you never know what you might run across here. My goal is to help, humor, and otherwise make your life more enjoyable and more informed through what you read.

A No Wonder FlashBack!

NoWonder History Snapshot
Snapshots from NoWonder from 1997 to 1999.

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