After 5 Years with Nest, I Switched to Ecobee

After 5 years, I have ended my LTR (Long Term Relationship) with Nest.

The Nest Relationship Was a Great One

I was able to control my Nest in bed or in the car. I was able to automatically cool a house I had for sale before showings, based on a script I wrote. The Nest Smoke Alarm woke me up a number of times with a faulty alarm. This created some heated moments and a little smoke between us, but we managed to overcome those problems, once I no longer had them.

Three houses and four Nest’s later, I had to make a change. I was in a constant battle with the thermostat over heating and cooling the room I spent the most time in. My needs were far greater than my relationship with Nest could provide without writing code and buy expensive wifi enabled temperature sensors. The hallway temperature didn’t reflect the hottest room in the house, my office. Not only did the hallway cool faster than my office, but it heated faster too.

Stock Picture of Nest ThermostatStock Image of Ecobee Thermostat.

How is Ecobee?

It is too early to provide feedback on how things are going with Ecobee. Initially, I feel like I gave up my sleek iPhone/iOS for some knock-off Android device. The Ecobee installation was the most complicated of the two thermostats. It required me to read the instruction manual and hook up a power pod device inline with furnace because I didn’t have a ‘C’ wire. Followed by a quick chat on my incorrect wiring error. The fix was to change one wire from the RH to the RC terminal. I asked why did it work fine on Nest in RH? Ecobee Tech Support said with the power pod thingy, the RC connection was required. The remote sensor pod is where all my hopes and dreams have accumulated in making the switch to Ecobee.

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